To be the leading Company with happy, disciplined and skilled staff whose main focus and expertise is to give good quality and affordable acoustic and audio/video products and services to our customers and dealers.


Best value for our customer’s money.


Macrotech MHZ Trading House Corpfirmly believes that ”Good sound begins with good acoustics”. Macrotech Tradehouse brings you decorative acoustical products demolishing the old notion that acoustic treatments do not look appealing.

With a wide variety of acoustical panels from colorful polyester to traditional fabric panels to suit your custom needs. Macrotech Tradehouse also features a new innovation using real wood or laminate finish sound absorbers and even a new innovative aluminum sound absorber from Japan.

See and hear them in your rooms now!

Sabre provides you with quality audio video racks and accessories with unique designs and functionality. See our very unique Elite series with the option and flexibility to expand your rack with additional layers or to put spikes between layers. Our best sellers are our black glass racks and the Centauri series racks with integrated plasma mounts.

16:9 widescreen projector screens are available in a wide variety of sizes from 84”-120” diagonal, in FIXED, MANUAL, SELF LOCK or MOTORIZED w/ RF remote varieties.

Also available from Sabre are plasma/LCD mounts. Most Sabre wall mounts are modular and can be connected to ceiling or arm adaptors to cater to a variety of installations. Modular cable managers and wall mounted DVD brackets are also available to complement wall mounted installations.

Bada HiFi makes high end audio affordable. With solid state and tube amplifiers, hybrid amplifiers, tube CD players and a lot of other HiFi products. Bada uses high quality international parts inside its products at value for money prices, but with a performance that will surely surprise you. Our best seller is our Bada LB-3300 line conditioner with surge protector. Hear the difference in your audio setup today!